Area of Collaboration and Other Info

Areas for Collaboration

1. Evidence-based research

  -    Conduct cross-cultural comparative studies in the region

  -    Collaborate on innovative initiatives on selected areas of family studies

  -    Exchange ideas on clinical and public policy research

2. Clinical practice

  -    Develop protocols for clinical practice relevant to the social and cultural context of the Asian

       region to ensure quality of service

  -    Develop evaluative tools to measure the effectiveness of service delivery

  -    Share the clinical expertise established within the region

3. Trans-disciplinary training

  -    Indentify regional training needs

  -    Promote a trans-disciplinary model in the training of family practitioners

  -    Develop tailor-made-in-service training packages

  -    Develop regional internship and attachment programs for broader exposure

  -    Organize regional conference, symposiums, workshops on specific topics

  -    Exchange faculty members, students and staff to widen exposure

  -    Explore joint education degrees and programs among institutions

4. Information sharing

  -    Set up an information clearing house to share clinical and research reports, articles, project

        reports and list of resource persons

  -    Develop a bilingual website on family issues and studies

  -    Hyperlink the homepages of relevant organizations