Background of CIFA

Family well-being is the root of a harmonious and stable society.

Innumerous research has demonstrated that family has profound influence over one's physical and mental health. Some individual and family problems can even pass on to the next generation unless timely and appropriate intervention is made.

Nowadays, families are being re-shaped by the enormous social changes from globalization, income disparity, ease of mobility, IT development, ageing of population, and attitude towards marriage and parenthood. With these developments, new solutions to family issues are urgently called for.

Some complex family problems involve the larger social-political context that requires multilayer professional and societal involvement; therefore, we must tackle family problems with a wider perspective involving researchers, practitioners, policy makers, educators, lawyers, doctors, parents… and YOU.

Many organizations orientated to family studies in other parts of the world that have pulled together international and regional efforts, however there is no such organization in Asia that represents our cultural specific concerns. After the successful International Conference on Couples held in May 2005 in Hong Kong, the idea of a Consortium of Institutes on Family Limited (CIFA) was conceived. The HKU Family Institute (HKUFI) was entrusted to initiate its formation.