Further Extension of Deadline for Initial Submission to 31 July, 2020

Due to recent situation of the COVID-19 outbreak, the 6th CIFA Regional Symposium, where the Final Round Adjudication and Award Presentation of the Wofoo 3A Project 2020 will be held at, is being considered whether it should be continued as originally planned in November 2020, or to be postponed. The final decision will be made and announced by 15 August, 2020, taking into consideration of the pandemic development.

We fully understands that many of the potential organisations are currently handling issues related to the pandemic, and would like to have more time to submit their projects. Given that the date for the 6th CIFA Regional Symposium is subject to confirmation by 15 August 2020, CIFA has decided to adjust the timeline of the Wofoo 3A Project 2020 as following:

a. Deadline for Submission of Initial Application: To be extended to 31 July, 2020
b. Announcement of First Round Adjudication Results: To be postponed to 20 August, 2020
c. Deadline for Submission of Projects for Second Round Adjudication: To be postponed to 21 September, 2020
d. Second Round Adjudication Interview: To be postponed to 6 – 7 October, 2020
e. Announcement of Second Round Adjudication Results: To be postponed to 12 October, 2020
f. Final Round Adjudication (in Taiwan) will continued to be held on 26 November, 2020 (unchanged)
g. Award Presentation Ceremony will be held at the Gala Dinner (in Taiwan) on 26th November, 2020 (unchanged)

In case CIFA decides to postpone the Symposium, the timeline for Wofoo 3A Project 2020 will have to be postponed accordingly to match with that of the Symposium. You will be informed of the rescheduled timeline as required, by 20th August, 2020.

Please refer to the promotional pamphlet to remind you the details about the Project, which include its objectives, eligibility, selection criteria, award and procedures of application. Support and participation from your organisation will be much required and appreciated.

This is a golden opportunity for your organisation to demonstrate your innovative project(s) that can improve the quality of family life and enhance the well-being of families. So, ACTION NOW! Please complete the Submission Form attached, together with a brief description of your projects in 500 words in English, on or before the deadline of 31 July, 2020. Please access our website at http://www.cifa-net.org or contact the Secretariat at (852) 2363 0700 or cifasecretariat@gmail.com if you need more information.

For download:
Project Submission Form