Final Round Adjudication: Powerpoint Sharing
Award Country/Region Organization Name of Project
Gold Award Hong Kong The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups - Media Counseling Centre BeNetWise – Educational Project for Media Literacy
Silver Award My Favourite Project The Best Collaborative Award Hong Kong Hong Kong Christian Service Talk Right – Speech Therapy Training Kit and Home Program
Bronze Award Hong Kong Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association Social Service Person with Dementia and Caregiver Companion Project
Outstanding Award Taiwan CTBC Charity Foundation Taiwan Dream Project
Outstanding Award Singapore Focus on the Family Singapore Limited Family CARE
Outstanding Award China Guangzhou POAI Social Work Service Warming Your Hearts: Support Families Who Lost the Only Child in Panyu, Guangzhou
Outstanding Award Malaysia PT Foundation Youth Mentorship Initiative - 2nd Chance Programme
Outstanding Award Hong Kong Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Integrated Centre on Addiction Prevention & Treatment "Lamb Lamp" – An Innovative Measure to Facilitate Family Fun Time and Enhance Family Relationship