Wofoo 3A Project 2016 First Round Result Announcement

The Wofoo 3A Project 2016 has received very encouraging response, with a total of 36 submissions covering a wide range of topics from 6 regions including China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. The Screening Committee has gone through thevetting process of high quality entries with 16 projects short-listed to enter into the second round.

Short-listed projects are required to submit the second round entry to the CIFA Secretariat according to the set guideline either by mail or courier not later than 5:00pm on 
30 May, 201(according to postal chop date). An interview will be arranged either on 14 or 15 July, 201either in person or via tele/video-conferencing for clarification and elaboration of details of the entries before 8 projects will be selected for the Final Round Adjudication to be held during the 5th CIFA Regional Symposium in Korea on 4 November 2016, to be followed by the Award Presentation Ceremony at the Gala Dinner.

Wofoo Asian Award for Advancing Family Well-being (3A Project) 2016

First Round Result Announcement