Research Study
Title Subject Author Publish on
Study on Adolescents Perceived Family Functioning and Quality of Life in Asia Family Functioning/ Quality of Life / Adolescents in HK, China (Shanghai & Guangdong), Japan, Taiwan, Singapore & Malaysia CIFA August, 2018
Exploratory Study on Family Happiness in Asian Region Happiness / Families in HK, China (Shanghai & Guangdong), Korea, Taiwan, Singapore & Malaysia CIFA November, 2016
Challenges Faced by Families in Asia Region (亞洲四個地區的家庭面對的挑戰) Challenges / Families in Kula Lumpur, SZ, TW & HK CIFA 29/04/2010
Challenges Faced by Families in HK (「香港家庭面對的挑戰」) Challenges / Families in Hong Kong CIFA 30/11/2007
Hong Kong Family Happiness Index Survey Happiness Public Opinion Programme, HKU 17/10/2008